It was supposed to be an ordinary cargo transport from Levski to Daymar but something went wrong. Sunday – 11th June 2949. After the Drake Caterpillar “NF-L27” was loaded up with Medical Supplies for Daymar. She started to head towards Daymar. The last contact to HQ was made by Fleshfear (High Command) stating everything is […]

BREAKING: High command shot down over Daymar

Drama over deserts of Daymar. A ship carrying the High Command of NOVA was shot down over the desert of Daymar. A routine press tour of the NOVA facilities became anything but routine as our ships were attacked by a swarm of pirates. I was in the cargo hold with FleshFear from High Command when […]

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The history of NOVA Intergalactic.

NOVA was established in August, 2947

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