NOVA Fankit

This fankit has assets and guidance to help members share their enthusiasm and engagement with NOVA intergalactic. The kit contains assets such as:

  • NOVA Logo
  • Branches logo
  • Video logo
  • Video disclaimer

Other than the opacity change and resizing appropriately, these logos should not be altered in any other way including but not limited to recoloring, warping, reversing, or texturing.

These are contained within the folder in the fankit along with other provided logos for fan use.

If you believe that the use of either of these may conflict with your work artistically, please refer to high commnad for further instructions on how to get approval for alternatives.

The video logo for videos sound are not to be removed, and the video is not to alter in any way.

Please carefully read our terms of use and service, as the assets within the Fankit are subject to basic requirements outlined therein. Once you have acknowledged and accepted the terms, the Fankit will begin downloading.

* You accept the terms by downloading

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