"The Future
is in your hands"

Welcome To
NOVA Intergalactic

We are NOVA, a large multi purpose Organisation, with deep roots within the UEE. A career with us, is an investment in your future.

We provide stable opportunity, for a pilot to decide their own faith.
The future, is in your hands with NOVA

Build a
future together

NOVA will give you the opportunity to have your future in your hands. In numbers we are strong.

With NOVA you will have ample opportunity to make some good UEC.

Together we will explore the verse, mine its riches and keep our members safe.


To facilitate all of NOVA’s goals, we are structured into several branches,
making it easier for you to work towards your objectives.

New members

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New or veteran, we accept any and all law abiding citizens looking to join a multipurpose organization. If you are looking for piracy or any other non-lawful activity, NOVA will not be for you.


NOVA Intergalactic is a Star Citizen organization, focused on good community and good gameplay.

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Nova core is where everything started. Nova core is specialized in creating structures to increase the productivity of any lucrative operation. Including mining, salvaging, trading and more. Thanks to this your capital will increase faster than ever! Mining example: Nova will provides on site fueling, repair and transport of the mined material to the most profitable buyer. Saving you precious time that you can use to mine more or do any other operation you enjoy!

Like the name might already give it away, Nova Defence is all about guns and explosion. Well not really. Nova Defence will be in charge of defending its members, bounty hunting to cargo escort, VIP protection, etc. Basically everything combat related. And of the more hardcore of you we have some ex Military members ready to teach you the fine art of combat.

Nova puts alot of efforts in helping players all around the galaxy. We created a dedicated branch for it! Nova Relief. It will include Medical play, Humanitarian aid, search and rescue, etc. Always wanted to be the pilot of a space ambulance? Or to be a doctor in our Endeavor hope? Wait no longer and enlist for Nova!

Always wanted to explore the edge of the universe? Alone might be dangerous! Take Nova Exploration with you. Explore the edge of the galaxy with other pioneers like you. Build bases and outpost to facilitate transport to the new found land. Be the first to make contact with other live forms! Nova’s Exploration fleet is equipped with the latest technology to explore space.

Nova Skyline is all about fun! Racing, Tourism or event creation you will find it here! We have several racing and touring ships at the disposal of Nova’s member. Be proud and race under Nova’s banner! Or show the beauty of the universe to tourist thanks to our luxurious tourism ships.