BREAKING: High command shot down over Daymar

Drama over deserts of Daymar.

A ship carrying the High Command of NOVA was shot down over the desert of Daymar.

A routine press tour of the NOVA facilities became anything but routine as our ships were attacked by a swarm of pirates. I was in the cargo hold with FleshFear from High Command when the attack begun, interviewing him about the new techniques of extracting moisture from the ground.

An uneventful day was coming to a close with the visit to the moisture facilities of the southern hemisphere of Daymar. Previously we had visited the rings of Yela and the ship factory of Crusader.

Suddenly we heard a loud explosion from the back of the ship, and the warning lights turned on. The intercom crackled to life as the pilot began to speak.

“Attention, all crew to their stations! We are under attack, 10-14 unidentified ships on our back! Engage, engage!”

The crew of the ship scrambled around us to their battle stations as several more explosions battered the ship’s shields. We could hear the sound of the turrets spinning up as they started to return fire on the attackers.

It felt like an eternity as the battle over Daymar went on, the pilot desperately trying to get through atmosphere so he could begin evasive actions..

Several more large explosions echoed through the hull of the ship, and we heard the ship systems drone out “WARNING: shields are down”. The pilot spoke again over the intercom.

“Attention all crew, we are going down! The ship is badly damaged, we’ve lost shields, engine, and are going down! All crew to the escape pods! I repeat all crew to the escape pods!”

We all ran towards the escape pods. As we reached them a big explosion shook the ship violently and we were thrown to the ground. As we got to our feet and looked where the escape pods where supposed to be, we were instead greeted by a gaping hole in the ship where the pods used to be. The pilot was heard again.

“Attention we’ve lost all escape pods! Proceed to the cargo hold and use the ursa as a escape pod!”

We all the remaining crew ran to the cargo hold and got into the Ursa stored there, and strapped in. Sitting anxiously and waiting for the signal to go. The ship shook violently with several explosion ripping through the hull.

The cargo ramp started to go down and the Ursa driver floored the pedal, shooting the Ursa out into the air.

Several seconds passed as the Ursa tumbled through the air, and luckily it landed on its wheels.

We all got out and looked into the air, just as the ship exploded, raining down debris over the desert.

Luckily a NOVA Security Team wasn’t far behind. They destroyed the remaining pirate ships, and picked us up.
Our return trip home went without any incident.

This is Emma Catling, signing of. Good night.

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