It was supposed to be an ordinary cargo transport from Levski to Daymar but something went wrong.

Sunday – 11th June 2949. After the Drake Caterpillar “NF-L27” was loaded up with Medical Supplies for Daymar. She started to head towards Daymar. The last contact to HQ was made by Fleshfear (High Command) stating everything is fine.

After NF-L27 entered the gravity field of Daymar they lost contact. It is not clear why, but it looks like the reactor overloaded and turned off.

A Nova Rescue Team was sent immediately. When the Rescue Team arrived at the last known location (OM2 above Daymar) they only found some loose parts which can be the remaining of the fighter escort that protected the cargo ship and some QT-Fuel.

We ask an expert on what could have happened.

“We all know that the “NF-L27” is one of the oldest ships in our fleet. This should have been her last mission before retirement. The found QT-Fuel in space could mean that High Command weather had to dump fuel or the Fuel Tanks got damaged. The trail retreats towards the planet surface but due the atmosphere of Daymar we cannot tell where the ship crashed, or if it crashed.”

We still have no information on where the caterpillar is and what happened to the ship or the 7 marines and High Command on board.

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