High Command Rescued

Thanks to NOVA special forces High Command was rescued

Back on the 11th June 2949 FleshFear from High command disappeared after the Drake Caterpillar “NF-L27” crashed on the surface of Daymar.

NOVA got a reason note, saying they should send a representative with 10 million UEC to Grim Hex. Of course, NOVA does not negotiate with pirates, so instead they sent special forces which infiltrated the station and manage to foist him a tracking device without him noticing.

He then flew over to a secret pirate hideout without noticing that a Valkyrie full of NOVA marines was following. Once arrived at the pirate hideout, a crashed Starfarer on Yela, the marines engaged the pirates and overwhelmed them. They found FleshFear bound in the bathroom.

We asked FleshFear about his time being captured.
“Well they weren’t the cleverest one. They didn’t even notice that I managed to hide a gun. If NOVA forces hadn’t rescued me that fast, I would have killed the pirates myself. But I also heard them talking about a mole inside NOVA who send them information on where to find our cargo ship”

As soon we know more, we will inform you immediately.

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