Microtech Voicerecorder

#Audiolog 0001
Date: 18th March 2929
Location: –Error–

Hello, my name is Dominic A. King. I was born on 18th March 2919. As you may noticed today is my 10th birthday and I got this voicecorder.
Let me tell you everything about me. As I already said I am 10 years old. Currently I am living on Cellin. A moon of Crusader in the Stanton System. My family works for Tram and Myers Mining Company. I am the only child on this outpost… Probably even on the whole moon. My father told me there are cities where many people live and go to school. But we can’t afford this, so Mr. Smith is teaching me reading, writing, mathematics and engineering. I really hate mathematics…

Dominic A King bring your lazy ass over here. Stupid Macbeth killed the engine again!

I have to go now… Will be right back

Audiolog 0043
Date: 15th November 2938
Location: –Error–

Today was the funeral of my dad. Macbeth, who is now the Executive of a small mining company in the Nyx system, came all the way to Cellin. It was very emotional. We buried him near the outpost. Tram and Myers fired all of us after this accident. They even abandoned the whole outpost and built a new one only 20 kilometers away. Still can’t believe it… Because it was “cheaper”… Still don’t know what to do now…

#Audiolog 0044
Date: 27th December 2940
Location: –Error–

Is this thing still working? The red light is blinking so I guess it does… Sooo where to start?

The last two years sucked. I lived in the slums of arccorp, the one near Area 22. A very harsh place to live. I made some friends. They might be not the most lawful ones but they safed my life several times. They found me after I was stabbed the third time. It’s not easy to survive in the slums but I somehow made it. Schmidt told me he found a job offer for both of us. You wouldn’t believe how suprised I was when he showed me the leaflet:
I am on my way to dress up for the interview… I really don’t know what to expect

#Audiolog 0045
Date: 28th December 2940
Location: Area18

Looks like I am now part of Nova Intergalactic. Schmidt was rejected due to his criminal background. He was really pissed. First time after a long time I dont sleep outside. Tomorrow a new life will start….

#Audiolog 0145
Date: 1st July 2948
Location: –Error–

Today might be the greatest day in my life. Today I was promoted to the rank of a commander. Macbeth and all of the old crew came from all the corners of the verse. I think I even saw Schmidt lurking somewhere in the crowd.

After the ceremony we went to the closest bar and celebrated the whole night long. I wish my dad was here to see that but I am pretty sure he is proud of me.

#Audiolog 0201
Date: 11th June 2949
Location: –Error–

Fuck. I am fucked. I am so damn fucked. It all started when Schmidt contacted me a week ago. Telling me he is in trouble. He has some massive depts at a mob boss terrorizing many systems. He told me he knows Nova is transporting some high value cargo on a cargo ship called L27. He said if I just would manipulate the engines and hide a tracking device he and a little crew would just steal the cargo. Not hurting anyone… Turned out it was a lie. They shoot down the cargo ship, killed everyone on board and kidnapped High Command. This is all my fault. I need to hide. Nova will kill me for this. Literally. Fuck. They will find me everywhere…

#Audiolog 0203
Date: 24th August 2949
Location: –Error–

With some of my old slum friends I managed to fortify at my old home. It is still abandoned. Everything is like I left it behind. Kinda ironic that it ends where it all started. Nova is already here and raiding the base. Our first two lines of defense failed. Their landing crafts already landed and the marines got deployed. I guess that’s the end.

#Audiolog 0204
Date: 24th August 2949
Location: –Error–

Fuck. All my friends died. They died for me. I tried to be brave but I run away like a coward. I am hiding in a near landed freelancer max…. Shit they found me……


[ foodsteps nearby ]



“Dominic Archibald King you come with us. High Command wants to see you”




[ gun shot in the distance ]

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