High Command in Trouble

It should have been just an ordinary party held on the Archangel, owned by FleshFear

While High Command and his VIP friends were happily celebrating, a pirate Hammerhead ambushed them. The well-trained Luna Wolves start engaging the enemy Hammerhead immediately. They tried their best, but the Hammerhead shields were just to strong. Even multiple EMPs didn’t manage to take it down.

Brave High Command took control over his 890 Jump and made the most dangerous manoeuvre that have ever been preformed by a High Commander. He used his ship to ram the Hammerhead and rip it apart.

After the Hammerhead was defeated the 890 jumped to another OM to hide there and wait for help. Unfortunately, the pirates managed to destroy one of the fuel pipes which made the ship leaking fuel. Without fuel the Archangel was immobilized.

During the High Commander waited for a ship to pick him up, another Hammerhead filled with pirates jumped in. Somehow the pirates managed to enter the ship via a side door. The Enforcers, one of the best combat teams NOVA can offer, managed to kill most of them. One of the pirates known as Drazhir somehow managed to enter the bridge and activate self-destruct.

Seconds before the 890 Jump blew up Fleshfear and a small team of marines managed to escape in an escape raft. The pirates managed to sabotage the QT-Drive of the ship that High Command tried to escape, so instead of traveling into deep space the ship quantum-travelled directly in the surface of Lyria.

We  still have no information on where the pirates are or what happened to High Command.

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