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The cryptokeys allows you to access and hack consoles. It can be array communications if a mission bring you there to disrupt them or a UEE security console to erase your crime state from law enforcers database.

4 types of cryptokeys actually exist :

  • Re-Authorizer – Hacking speed : Slow – Reliability : Reliable – Cost 8000 UEC
  • Ripper – Hacking speed : Fast- Reliability : Unstable– Cost 8250 UEC
  • Tigerclaws – Hacking speed : Average – Reliability : Standard – Cost 6250 UEC
  • Walesko – Hacking speed : Slow – Reliability : Unstable – Cost 3000 UEC

They can be bought in GRIM HEX, ARCCORP or LEVSKI.

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