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Welcome to NOVA Defence

Welcome, soldiers and aspirants. We are delighted you have shown interest in the great military tradition of NOVA through it’s Defence branch.

Since our founding in 2543, we have remained a cornerstone of NOVA and its undying commitment to the laws of the UEE and the interests of all its members. As the Age of Piracy has dawned upon us, it has become more important than ever for NOVA to be able to be self sustainable and capable of responding to any threats that present against our interests and assets.

Joining NOVA Defence will enable you to form part of a reputed and histored brotherhood where we look after each other regardless of rank and position. It is your chance to fly with famed squadrons like the YellowJackets, form a line of defence with the Enforcers or be a crew member of a mighty vessel.

NOVA Defence provides regular trainings for all of its members and any other NOVA member regardless of branch for, in times of dire need, we all are NOVA Defence.

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