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Star Citizen 3.5.0 Estimated Quantum Travel Times

This is table of the Estimated Quantum travel times, with in the Star Citizen. The time os calculated in Minutes.

DriveDefault LoadoutSizeSpeed(m/s)KM pr minutePO to Huston
GoliathProspector, Reliant Sen139.337.4802.361.74313:31
DriftAll Sabres, Razor EX, Reliant Mako142.000.7002.497.22712:47
ExpeditionAll Avengers, Hurricane, Herald, 300i143.704.9802.623.79912:10
RushHawk, All Mustangs, Buccanee, Razor, Razor LX, Reliant Kore, M50, Blade144.123.0502.649.20212:03
BeaconEclipse, All Gladius, Arrow, Gladiator, Reliant Tena, 85x, Glaive, Scythe145.958.4902.759.90411:34
EosAll Hornets, Terrapin, All Auroras, Kharty-al146.681.1202.804.35311:23
BolonAll Constellations2
OdysseyValkyrie, Cutlass Black, Freelancer, All 600i2
CrossfieldRetaliator, All Vanguards, Freelancer MIS284.187.4405.053.7566:19
KamaHammerhead, Reclaimer, Starfarer399.314.5305.966.8955:21
PontesCaterpillar, Starfarer Gemini3133.904.7008.047.7883:58

The siren drive only has a range of 728.300 km and is likely intended as a drive for carrier-based ships and not long range travel, i recommend avoiding this drive unless you plan on staying in a single moon or planet.

This chart does not account for overheating or interdiction, travel times may vary.

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