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Ship Purchase Kiosk – Pricing

Anvil Hornet F7C1,492,700
Argo MPUV Cargo224,200
Argo MPUV Transport233,000
Drake Buccaneer1,410,100
Drake Caterpillar4,686,600
Drake Cutlass Black1,385,300
Drake Cutlass Blue2,493,500
Drake Cutlass Red1,810,500
Drake Dragonfly272,700
Drake Herald1,181,100
Greycat Buggy5,144
MISC Prospector2,061,00
RSI Aurora CL487,600
RSI Aurora LN338,400
RSI Aurora LX245,500
Tumbril Cyclone28,530
Esperia Blade3,370,600
Aegis Avenger Stalker882,200
Aegis Avenger Titan 785,600
Aegis Avenger Warlock1,155,500
Aegis Eclipse3,490,000
Aegis Gladius1,169,900
Aegis hammerhead12,459,900
Aegis Reclaimer15,126,400
Aegis Retaliator4,031,700
Aegis Sabre 2,183,300
Aegis Vanguard Warden3,387,800
Aegis Vanguard Hoplite3,104,200
Aegis Vanguard Harbinger2,050,500
Aegis Vanguard Sentinel2,012,000
Argo Mole5,130,500
C.O. Mustang Alpha251,400
C.O.Mustang Beta404,000
MISC Freelancer1,697,600
MISC Freelancer DUR1,967,600
MISC Freelancer MAX2,181,500
MISC Freelancer MIS2,537,800
MISC Prospector2,061,000
MISC Razor 1,761,200
MISC Razor EX1,878,800
MISC Razor LX1,823,800
MISC Reliant Kore744,700
MISC Reliant Mako780,000
MISC Reliant Sen840,000
MISC Reliant Tana870,000
MISC Starfarer6,651,500
MISC Starfarer Gemini6,191,500
Origin 85x Limited574,500
Origin 890 Jump32,294,500
Origin M50 Interceptor 1,193,800
RSI Aurora CL48,700
RSI Aurora LN338,400
RSI Aurora MR184,900
RSI Constellation Andromeda3,548,000
RSI Constellation Aquila4,926,700
RSI Constellation Phoenix 5,658,800
RSI Mantis1,230,000
RSI Ursa Rover70,266
Tumbril Cyclone 28,085
Tumbril Cyclone AA28,085
Tumbril Cyclone RC28,085
Tumbril Cyclone RN28,085
Tumbril Cyclone TR28,085
Anvil Ballista364,500
Anvil Arrow972,300
Anvil Ballista364,500
Anvil C8 Pisces406,000
Anvil Carrack26,657,500
Anvil Gladiator1,954,500
Anvil Hawk1,284,400
Anvil Hornet F7CM Super2,132,600
Anvil Hornet F7CM Tracker1,832,100
Anvil Hornet F7CM Ghost1,654,100
Anvil Hurricane1,218,300
Anvil Terrapin2,568,100
Anvil Valkyrie4,454,400
Aopoa Khartu-al2,113,900
Aopoa Nox Kue399,100
Aopoa Nox349,200
Banu Defender2,781,000
C.O. Mustang Delta763,600
C.O. Mustang Gamma627,500
Esperia Prowler2,500,000
Kruger P-52 Merlin135,500
Origin 300i767,200
Origin 315p 882,600
Origin 325a944,200
Origin 600i Explorer9,475,100
Origin 600i Touring9,894,000
Origin M50 Interceptor1,193,800

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