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Ship Rental Kiosk – Pricing

Ship1 Day3 Days7 Days30 Days
Aegis Avenger titan15,71241,24482,488294,600
Anvil Arrow19,44651,045102,091364,612
C.O. Mustang Alpha5,01813,19826,39794,275
C.O. Mustang Gama18,82547,06287,850282,375
Drake Cutlass Black27,70672,729145,456519,487
Drake Dragonfly5,45414,31628,633102,262
MISC Freelancer33,95289,124178,248636,600
MISC Prospector41,220108,202216,405772,875
Origin 300i23.01657,540107,408345,240
RSI Aurora ES3,4826,51513,03046,537
RSI Constallation Andromeda70,960186,270372,5401,330,500
Tumbril Cyclone 5511,4482,89710,349
Aopoa Nox10,47626,19048,888157,140
Ships1 Day3 Days7 Days30 Days
Aegis Avenger Titan15,71241,24482,488294,600
Aegis Vanguard Warden101,635254,085474,2921,524,510
Anvil Arrow 19,44651,045102,091364,612
C.O. Mustang Alpha5,01813,19826,39794,275
Drake Cutlass Black27,70672,728145,456519,487
Drake dragonfly5,45414,31628,633102,262
MISC freelancer33,95289,124178,248636,600
MISC Prospector41,220108,202216,405772,875
MISC razor52,836132,090246,568792,540
Origin 600i284,253710,6321,326,5144,263,795
Origin M50 Interceptor35,81489,535167,132537,201
RSI Aurora ES 2,4826,51513,03046,537
RSI Constallation Andromeda70,960186,270372,5401,330,500
Tumbril Cyclone 5611,4742,94810,532

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