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NOVA Teams

A NOVA Team is a team which regroups NOVA members with the same purpose and the same game time. Each NOVA Team is led by one Commander and has 3 to 10 members depending on which role they will fulfill.

Example: A Commander has chosen the combat role of Combat ship captain and his ship of choice is a Hammerhead. He or she will need to find 6 NOVA members that have as combat role Gunner to man the turrets and two combat ship pilots.

With current gameplay NOVA will allow Teams to be formed for the following purposes: Fighter Team (Squadron), Combat ship Team, and Marines team. When other multi crew gameplay gets added to the game more Teams will be added. We recommend each team to have access to their desired ships until the game allows us to have a central NOVA hangar.

  • Fighter Team (Squadron) – 5 ships
  • Combat ship Team – 1 Ship with crew of 5 or more OR 2 ships with crew of 4 or less
  • Marines team – 5 members

NOVA Requires Defence commanders to form and recruit team members as soon as possible.
NOVA commanders from other branches are allowed, but not required, to create combat teams till their branches gameplay is introduced to the game.

Commanders responsibilities

  • Create a team. Find members with roles that will fulfill your goal. — Don’t recruit a medic to be a gunner —
  • Create regular training sessions for your team. If you are missing team members, create an operation to state how many “fill up” spots you have for that training session
  • Replace members of your team that are inactive
  • Go to your superior if you have any questions or problems

Team members responsibilities

  • Fulfill your role to the best of your abilities
  • Search for a Team that will suite your gameplay needs
  • Speak to your commander for any problems
  • Notify Admirals if your commanders gets inactive or any other reason where you can’t talk about it to your commander

How to make a team?

  • Be a Commander of NOVA
  • Have a combat role assigned. Your team will be focused around your combat role.
  • Find NOVA members (not affiliates) with combat roles that suit your team.
  • Message Atllantys — on Discord — when your team have at least two members — including you — with your team name and members. Make sure your team members have a combat role assigned

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