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Combat roles

The universe is wide and full of mysteries. We all need to be prepared for any threat that can be thrown at us. From a Vanduul attack to pirates coming to steal our supplies we worked hard for. We will be ready too.

To make this possible every member of NOVA are required to choose a combat role upon joining. In case of emergency NOVA will require you to fulfill your duty and protect what is ours. There is a combat role that will suit everyone.


  • Fighter pilot (ex.: pilot of Arrow, Hornet, Superhornet, etc)
  • Combat ship pilot* (combat multi crew ships ex.: Hammerhead, Retaliator, etc)
  • Marines (FPS combat, this also includes ground vehicles)
  • Gunner (ex.: gunner in Hammerhead, Retaliator, etc)
  • Support ship pilot* (ex.: pilot of Vulcan, Apollo, Valkyrie, Starfarer, etc)
  • Support (ex.: Engineer, Drone operator, scanning operator, etc)
  • Medic (ex.: Doctor in Apollo or endeavor. Medic in squad, etc)

*If you choose to be a pilot. You need to have the right NOVA Pilot License for it.


Due to current gameplay possibilities in game, combat role for commanders are currently not tied to a branch. However once more gameplay will be added you will need to choose a combat role from your branch. Ex.: Nova Relief commander will need to take Medical Commander as combat role.

  • Wing commander (Squadron leader)
  • Squad leader (FPS marines squad leader, also includes ground vehicles leader)
  • Captain combat ship (ex.: Hammerhead captain, Retaliator captain, etc)
  • Captain Support ship (ex.: Starfarer, Crucible, etc)
  • Medical Leader (ex.: Apollo, Endeavor Hope, etc)

We highly recommend you to to choose a combat role who has gameplay already implemented in the game. You can always change your combat role later on.

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